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Today, customers prefer to use the internet to search and book their hotels online as it allows them to compare hotel and price and shortens the look to book process. So, having an online presence is a necessity. However, there are thousands of websites online and to stand out from the crowd you need to market your hotel in the most appealing fashion.

One of the best ways to convert visitors into customers is by providing them a true-to-life presentation, which will give them a clear view of your hotel premises even before they make a booking. Latest research shows that Virtual Reality promises 46% more sales to hotels compared to other media.

ResAvenue in association with Cybervox Network Limited presents Vox360°. It is a globally introduced modem-day technology called Virtual Reality, which can present your hotel infrastructure and facilities to visitors in an aesthetic, realistic yet innovative manner. Virtual Reality is far beyond static images. You have all the controls just like real life. Unlike traditional photography, which offers only one angle of image, Virtual Reality promises full spherical view giving your curious customers a true to life experience. They can virtually visit, feel and examine interior, exterior and other facilities offered by your hotel. All the important sections like rooms, banquet hall or lounge can be displayed very well and thus can motivate the customer to take a quick decision and finalize booking with confidence.

The First Impression
A virtual tour is more realistic than still images and is highly optimized in size than video presentation.

Be Innovative
Virtual tour is a completely new and matchless presentation tool developed to let the visitor feel, explore, experience your hotel in the most advanced and appealing form.

Boost Bookings
Virtual tour provides detailed visual information which makes it a perfect decision making tool to ultimately generate quick response and boost your sales figures.

Cost Effective
What's more, VOX 360° Virtual Reality is surprisingly cost-effective.

“Rich media or virtual reality generates 46% more sales than still images.”

Just glance at the comparison chart given below and you will be convinced about how it is superior to other media of presentation.

Characteristics Still Image Video Virtual Reality
Picturing One Shot Motion Graphics for
area you shot
360° Spherical view
Image size In Kilobytes More than
10mb/ 1 minute video
Infinite loop video,
app. 4x of image size
Download Time*
(Dial Up)
Fast Within Seconds Very High High Reasonable Faster
Image Quality* High Low Good
User Control
Virtual Reality
Zoom in! Zoom out
Captures the entire surrounding
Avoidance of Some Part
  * Keeping size as constrain, this comparison has been done.

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