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ResAvenue, a Highly Secure Solution

February 10, 2011

“Increase your look-to-book ratio by offering visitors the highest standards of security during the reservation process.”

If you have purchased and paid for any type of product or service online, you know that there exists a moment between interest in purchasing a product and paying for said product where doubts rampage in your mind; where you question everything from website’s trustworthiness to card security.  You know that if you see even the slightest sign, whether imagined or not, that validates these doubts and concerns, you will abandon the sale mid-process. Every customer transacting online feels the same way. This fact is especially true for travelers as they pay large sums online to secure their hotel accommodation.

Why is this relevant? Well, a potential guest is more like to pay for his room reservation online, if he is completely sure about his card and information safety.

Reassuring potential guests

Like the real world, the online world has many versions of sturdy doors and strong locks from firewalls to encrypted security layers. By employing the best of the best of online security, you can offer guests peace of mind during the transaction process. The issues is that signing up, certifying and integrating the latest and best security processes with your website and online reservation engine can be extremely expensive. It may not be financially feasible. This does not mean you throw up your hands and stop operating online. There are alternative solutions to resolve this problem. For example, you can simply select an online reservation solution provider like ResAvenue that offers a combination of the highest security processes as part of its online reservation solution package.

ResAvenue uses a combination of hardware and software to protect your guest’s sensitive information and your hotel brand name.

The ResAvenue solution is hosted on a high-end server that is secured behind state of the art firewalls. These firewalls maintain the highest level of security as they are automatically upgraded every time new security technologies emerge.

ResAvenue uses industry-standard VeriSign's 128-bit SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) Technology to encrypt all data (customer information) before it is transmitted over the Internet to the payment gateway. It does not store any credit card details collected to maintain security.

The high-end firewall protected server and VeriSign's 128 bit SSL Technology ensures maximum protection for your guest's information.

Security Standards & Certification
ResAvenue protects a guest’s card information from increasing identity theft and security breaches by maintaining Internationally Certified Security Standards that have been developed by Online Security Organizations such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI), VeriSign, MasterCard and Visa.
ResAvenue has installed these Internationally Certified Security Standards, which ensure the security of transactions, conducted via your website. It has achieved the PCI DSS 1.1 Standards of Compliance, which makes it one of the most secure payment gateways in the world. It has registered with VeriSign, the world's best and most trust worthy Net Authentication Agency. It has also implemented Verified By Visa and MasterCard Secure Code protocols, which are said to reduce charge back-level by as much as 90%.

To summarize, fraud is a concern for both you (the hotelier) and your guest. By choosing a solution like ResAvenue as your online hospitality provider, you integrate a combination of best security practices to your online reservations engine and ensure that your guest’s information is inaccessible to individuals with ill intentions.

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