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Grow Your Business Substantially with TripAdvisor's Instant Booking Facility

10 May, 2016

"In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks." - Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook.

Change is the only constant in the global hospitality industry. Hoteliers must always explore feasible, cost-effective trends of revenue generation. ResAvenue, one of India's leading online hospitality solutions providers, constantly upgrades its capabilities such that its 1000+ partner hotels can derive maximum mileage from their available inventory. The ResAvenue booking engine offers a range of innovative features and services that enable hoteliers to increase their revenues and reach out to a vast universe of potential guests.

ResAvenue, a TripAdvisor Premium Partner, now offers you an excellent opportunity to monetize your presence on TripAdvisor, the largest travel site in the world with 350 million unique monthly visitors and over 320 million reviews and opinions. We have partnered with TripAdvisor for its TripConnect Instant Booking facility that allows you to sell inventory directly from your business listing on their branded website.

In essence, the scope of your business listing on TripAdvisor has expanded significantly to now include direct bookings too, while still enhancing your brand visibility considerably. And all this happens without any additional efforts from you! Your property's data gets automatically mapped from our booking engine onto TripAdvisor's branded page and seamlessly displayed to millions of potential guests globally. Your rates and availability will show on TripAdvisor's website from where customers can directly complete the reservation.

Both TripConnect's CPC and Instant Booking services are set up using your TripAdvisor account. TripAdvisor offers this excellent combination of services that makes it easier for hotels to upsell their higher-priced rooms in a fiercely competitive market. Moreover, TripConnect helps reduce your acquisition costs as it facilitates direct booking, thereby eliminating the commission payment to middlemen like online travel agents (OTAs) and Google Search.

Make bookings fast and easy, and reach out to more guests than you ever imagined with TripConnect Instant Booking!
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