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Generate New Revenue Streams for Your Hotel with ResAvenue's Enrichment Platform

1 November, 2019

Hoteliers can derive maximum benefit from their existing amenities and space by way of payment collections for participation in various events and activities. These can include New Year's party, Diwali celebrations, Navratri Garba, ballroom dances, sports events, cocktail parties, pool parties, music shows, exhibitions and more. ResAvenue has recently launched a new value added services booking engine specifically designed to accept payments online for such events and activities from customers.

Our unique booking engine enables hotels to make the most out of their facilities such as swimming pool, banquet halls, conference rooms, courtyards for sports events, indoor sports facility, and external grounds. Besides hotels, educational and religious institutions, gymkhana, clubs, and similar organizations can also avail ResAvenue's Enrichment platform for collecting revenue from their value added services.

ResAvenue has been constantly innovating its booking engine to suit the changing demands of customers globally. The Stay Enrichment booking engine which enables room guests to book add-on services directly from the hotel website has been an existing service offered by ResAvenue. The global hotel booking solutions provider has now launched Enrichment booking which is an advanced tool that accepts booking for value added services from customers. These services may include rentals for conference rooms and banquet halls, catering services, gymnasium, swimming pool and spa memberships, car rentals services and more. ResAvenue is a complete central reservation solution that empowers hoteliers with the most flexible, easy-to-use reservation and distribution platform. Its multilingual, responsive, fully hosted booking engine integrates into a hotel's branded website with ease. Hoteliers can collect real-time payments through ResAvenue's booking engine, hosted IVR and via email/SMS invoices. Its electronic distribution platform ensures distribution of rates and inventory on major OTAs and third party distribution channels, all managed through a single window.

The inclusion of Enrichment Booking engine in ResAvenue's comprehensive reservation and distribution platform is expected to be a potential add-on that will not only enable the hotelier to leverage his existing amenities but also draw substantial revenue for the hotel business.
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