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Squeeze the maximum results out of your online inventory distribution: CHANNEL CONNECT

June 20, 2011

To attract and convert guests through an online inventory distribution solution like ResAvenue Channel Connect, it is not enough to just sign up, you also have to manage your inventory regularly. A common misconception amongst most hoteliers is that signing up for an inventory distribution solution is the first and last step that they need to take to ensure sales. This misconception leads to loss of revenue and occupancy levels as hoteliers fail to utilize this online inventory distribution channel effectively.

When you sign up for an online inventory distribution solution like ResAvenue Channel Connect, you have to remember that Channel Connect is simply a tool. If you let it languish, it will generate no guests or revenue.You take the right steps for it to produce great results.To squeeze the maximum out of your online inventory distribution channel, you need to conduct 2 activities on a regular basis.

First, you need to display the best rates online. 'Best Rates Online' is defined as room rates at least equal to the lowest rates offered by any portal, online travel agent or other rate-carrying agents on the Web. You must put up the 'best rates online' on the ResAvenue® Channel Connect to attract the attention of lookers and convert them into bookers.

Second, you need to display current rates. 2010 is over! Displaying 2010 rates in 2011 will get you no room bookings. In fact, displaying 2010 rates in 2011 will guarantee your competitor gains a guest. Make sure your online inventory distribution channel aka ResAvenue Channel Connect always has current and accurate room rates on display.

What is ResAvenue® Channel Connect?

ResAvenue® Channel Connect is a pan India and international distribution network with over 1,00,000 travel agents. It will enable you to distribute your inventory to millions living worldwide through thousands of travel websites without signing individual agreements with each travel website. It also empowers you will all the necessary tools to ensure that you can not only optimize your sales performance on the web, but also optimize your revenue per booking. In short, ResAvenue® Channel Connect gives you an instant direct route to the massive online and offline travel market. However, the biggest benefit of signing up for ResAvenue® Channel Connect is that you don’t have to do any work to manage this online inventory distribution channel. All you have to do is provide the ResAvenue team with competitive and current rates and they will do the rest.

If you haven’t signed up for ResAvenue Channel Connect yet, click here to find out how you can sign up for free*.

* Only applicable for ResAvenue partner hotels.

To summarize, to squeeze the maximum out of your online inventory distribution channel, you need to offering best rates and updating rates regularly.

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