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Are you making the most of Social Networking and SEO Marketing?

November 22, 2011

Social Networking and SEO optimization are concepts that have been around for the longest of time. Everybody and anybody that you know has an account on one, two or all of the Social Networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. In order to expand your base and reach out to more guests, it is vital for you to build your hotel presence on all of these social networking platforms. This is something that is all too well known and obvious.

What needs to be established is the depth and density of involvement into social networking. You need to remain interactive with your guests and potential guests. Just creating a Facebook or Twitter account is not enough. You need to assure your guests that your hotel and its services is what they are looking for; which will result in more bookings for you. Infact, social networking is a great opportunity for you to touch base with a larger number of guests and increase your revenue. While you may have accounts on all the social networking websites, if you do not remain active on these websites, it doesn't serve the purpose and will give your guests a feeling of being ignored and they will not go ahead to make a booking. Another important point to be kept in mind is that when a guest posts a comment or any kind of feedback on your social networking page; it is necessary for you to reply promptly. If you do not, then this reflects badly on you and your hotel. Prompt replies and service are the need of the hour in order for you to succeed in your social networking program.

What is SEO? Search Engine optimization. Everybody knows about SEO. It does not have to be spelt out. However, it is not utilized to its maximum potential. Popular search engines have revealed that social authority is an algorithmic factor - that is, who shares and what is shared through social networks helps to define the engines assessment of online content and therefore where it can rank in search results.

The launch of Google+ Brand Pages is being termed as the next evolutionary step in social search.

As Google rolls out Google+ Pages worldwide and allows brands to create profile pages, it is being highlighted that businesses now have an option to take advantage of the relationship between social networking and SEO to increase their online visibility and return on investment.

Both Google and Bing revealed last year that social authority is an algorithmic factor - that is, who shares and what is shared through social networks help to define the engines' assessment of online content and therefore where it can rank in search results.

For businesses and brands, Google+ pages helps them connect with the customers and fans.

The introduction of Google+ and in particular, the +1 functionality means Google search is weighting social recommendations as a metric of content quality. As brand pages now start to become a part of users' circles, they are likely to be considered as highly influential G+ users; the links they create and the content they share, which will in turn receive high numbers of +1s and shares, will be extremely valuable search indicators.

Additionally, when a search user is logged into their Google+ account and uses the Google search engine, Google takes the +1s of both the user and their connections into account when it serves the query's results; and in the future, the new Google+ Direct Connect mechanic will direct a search user to a brands' G+ page if a + symbol is placed in front of the brand name in a query. Brands that are dedicated to engagement through G+ in theory will be able to capitalise on this robust and cyclical connection between social media and SEO.

If you want your hotel to be on the map, then you will have to give importance to these concepts. Make the most of Social Networking and SEO Marketing and watch your presence in the marketplace soar.

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