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E-Commerce or T-Commerce?

September 24, 2011

'Electronic'. That's what all the newest channels of direct marketing are. The world is going digital, the world is going online. Digital cash is no longer an alien concept and eCommerce is the bestseller around town. It involves carrying out business in a marketspace as opposed to a physical marketplace. We all know that the internet can be used as a shopping mall, a TV set, a newspaper, a library or even a phone. Through eCommerce, today, you can interact with much larger groups thereby increasing the chances of sales.

The significance of eCommerce is well known to all. The new kid on the block is T-Commerce; of which not many of us are aware. T-Commerce or Tablet Commerce is the newest form of online retail. In today's rapidly changing scenario, it is imperative for you to stay updated and aware.

Even as eCommerce flourishes, Tablet Commerce may soon enjoy a boom as the popularity in the usage of Tablets is rising rapidly. The number of Tablet users will only rise with every passing day. It is almost a revolution as far as technology is concerned. PC's made way for laptops and laptops made way for netbooks. Tablets are the latest entrant to be sworn into this hierarchy.

So, the question is should you, as an online retailer be a part of this Tablet Commerce revolution? Or should you play the wait and watch game? What is in it for you?

Well, for starters, you need to know that the interface of a tablet is different when compared to that of a desktop website. Instead of tracking clicks and mouse-trails, the focus should be on smudges and swipes. Since customers are already shopping with their tablets on traditional retail websites, the ones that are not designed for tablets understandably might face a few hiccups. If you wish to join the T-Commerce world, redesign your website and make it Tablet friendly. Features like 360-degree product photography spins and swiping through long product lists should be incorporated into the website. The interface should be sleek and at the same time should provide substantial information.

Even though recognition of tablets is expected to increase manifold in the coming year itself, it is important to remember that tablets may not yet be universal enough to justify a huge initiative for all retailers. As an online retailer you have to keep attempting different ways of contacting the customer - both low and high tech. Whatever the avenue for commerce - be it in person, over the phone, online or via a tablet, retailers are banking on technology to improve the buying process and to attract customers. Since all of these modes of marketing cater to a specific target audience, there will be room for every channel to flourish.

As quoted by Dr.Philip Kotler - ''The future isn't ahead of us. It has already happened.''

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