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28 April, 2020

The industry is going through unusual times filled with unforeseen difficulties; But like they say, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!"

Tough hoteliers like yourself are lucky to have a tough partner like ResAvenue, which maintains systems and services at the highest level even during these trying times. As per our contingency plan, ResAvenue has smoothly transitioned to a remote work scenario to ensure that our partner hotels offer the best of services at all times.

And to top that, we have waived monthly subscription charges for the month of April 2020, to help ease your financial burden during this crisis.

There are a number of initiatives that a tough hotel like yours can take in this downtime, to plan and achieve efficiencies for the future.

We strongly recommend that you utilize this time to plan strategies to bring back business with a flourish and improve sanitization when you open your hotel's doors again.

1) Guest safety is paramount to you, and you need to show the guests how much you care.
  • Organize daily temperature and wellness checks of staff before they log in to roster
  • Provide masks and gloves to your staff
  • Ensure hand sanitizers are available in each room and located at all public spaces
  • Sanitize surfaces and steam clean linens and furnishing.
Your comprehensive and documented prevention plan must help ensure that your employees and guests remain well protected while on your property so as to create a positive, safe experience at your hotel.

2) To entice guest back to your property, you need to plan special marketing strategies involving:
  • Promotions, discounts and rates
  • Special offers in terms of free upgrades or free services with stay.
ResAvenue offers hoteliers a range of advanced marketing solutions such as discount codes, coupons and promotion features that enable you to attract attention to your offerings and stimulate sales even in periods of low demand.

3) If you have faced many cancellations, offer your guests a raincheck instead of a refund.
Alternatively, you can offer them a huge discount for them to rebook within a certain time.

4) Track events that have been cancelled.
Offer special discounts to visitors for these events whenever they get back on track.

5) Targeted marketing campaigns communicating all the special ways you are ensuring the best stay for your guests.
You also need to communicate the best value that you are offering in terms of discounts and freebies.
  • Send promotional mailers/newsletters to your vast membership base.
  • Marketing to loyalty members with packages which include exclusive perks.
6) Invest in technology to improve efficiency of your operations.
With our rich expertise as a leading hospitality solutions provider globally, ResAvenue can help you in upgrading systems and enhancing productivity. Here's how our range of solutions can assist you in gaining momentum for your business once the worst is behind you.
  • Integrated Hotel Booking Engine System:
    During times of crisis, it is important to focus on your most cost-effective booking channels. Driving direct bookings is one of the most important criteria for hoteliers as it remains more profitable for the hotel industry. An efficient mobile friendly booking engine system helps ensure more direct bookings by allowing length of stay offers, upselling ancillary offerings and more.
  • Advanced Channel Manager
    Our channel manager solution will keep all your distribution channels updated with rates and inventory to prevent loss on any potential booking. It also enables you to monitor channel performance thus allowing you to have a strategic partnership with respective OTAs for better visibility and potential bookings.
  • Enrichment Booking Engine
    Don't compromise on standards, it will hurt customer satisfaction and the quality of the service. Focus on your extras and add-ons to make your guest stays better and exciting.
  • Packages Booking Engine
    Once the situation improves, hoteliers owning properties at various locations can start providing attractive multi destination packages for guests for incremental revenue.
  • Revenue Management
    During this period of uncertainty, hoteliers must strive to get the best price for their inventory. Targeted promotions will help stimulate low period demands. Our revenue management solution will ensure you get maximum benefits for your hotel regardless if the demand is high or low over a particular period.
  • Review Management
    Another important strategy would be to showcase your online reviews in one place to increase the popularity of your hotel brand. You can collate and publish all guest reviews of your properties on TripAdvisor, collect guest feedback at multiple touch points and accept Pre Check-In surveys to enhance guest interactions.
  • Social Media Booking Engine
    Harness the power of social media to promote your hotel and drive sales. You can sell your inventory directly from your business pages on leading social networks to maximize your returns.
  • Invoice Payments
    Stay flexible, offer your guest a convenient option to pay online for their booking. You can accept advance payments, partial or full collection of booking amount as well as negotiated pricing for your rooms and amenities.
7) Invest in social campaigns to garner goodwill and reach out to a large number of potential customers.
You can leverage your presence on social media platforms to keep your target audience well informed on your promotional campaigns, changes in policies or new hygiene and safety standards at your property. Post creatives about your hotel features, promotions etc. in social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Going forward, you can expect more assistance from us as we cherish our business partnership and shall ceaselessly strive to make it frictionless and fruitful.

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