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Configure Attractive offers for your on-the-go guests with ResAvenue's Mobile Offers feature!!

31 October, 2015

Mobile offers has now become a popular marketing tool for hoteliers worldwide with the presence of nearly 2 billion smartphone users. This mobile strategy is imperative since recent studies indicate that consumers check their mobile devices more than 100 times in a day and spend a minimum of two hours daily interacting with them. Moreover, mobile offers is a cost-effective way to reach out to potential guests, enabling hoteliers to increase their marketing ROI (Return on Investment) considerably.

ResAvenue, a leading online hotel reservation solution based in India, has now introduced the Mobile Offers feature for thousand of hotels that have registered for its services around the world. These hoteliers can now reach out effectively to a huge target audience anytime, anywhere. Significantly, ResAvenue offers this facility to its large hotel base at no extra cost!

Mobile offers can be set quickly and easily by the hotelier using ResAvenue's booking engine configuration process. The hotelier can offer special discounts for mobile and/or desktop customers by selecting the suitable option from the list i.e. (1) Desktop, (2) Mobile or (3) Both.

ResAvenue's Mobile Offers feature gives you the flexibility of selecting the type and pricing of your offers. Your guests can access your mobile offers with a single touch on their handset. They can instantly book reservations on your site and avail the special discounts associated with these offers.

Hoteliers exploring the mobile channel soon realise its vast potential for brand awareness, marketing, sales, customer services, etc. ResAvenue's Mobile Offers feature enables them to harness this channel effectively and reap huge rewards. Avail this excellent opportunity to improve your brand visibility and increase your business potential substantially!!

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